andrea is a writer from the Philippines interested in culture, the internet, identity, feminism, and the tiny crevices where these all may know her as the co-founder of an independent film publication, an editor, a culture columnist, a marketer, an avid oversharer of books on tiktok, or you may not know her at all (that's the most fun option - welcome!)she (unironically) loves emails. drop her a line at [email protected].

is a writer based in the Philippines. she is passionate about culture, film, books, the internet, identity, feminism, and the tiny crevices where these all intersect.she is the incoming editor-in-chief of The Philippine STAR's Young STAR, and she has written for CNN Philippines Life, Adolescent Content, Lithium Magazine, and others.she also co-founded Philippine film publication Sine Liwanag, where she works with a team of over thirty writers and handles all socials, including graphics.and for some reason she started posting about books on tiktok, to an audience of almost 30,000.she is obsessed with her inbox. say hi at [email protected].

selected writing

feminism + sexuality

On depictions of female masturbation in media and how it's continuously shaped by capitalism and Catholicism

A Filipina's sexuality is her scarlet letter. Why does this happen, and how can we put an end to it?

Unshackling from the culture of silence around FGM

On masculinity, heterosexuality, therapy, and how the patriarchy hurts us all

The lack of comprehensive, formal sex education has pushed the youth to learn about it elsewhere. Is it working?

On the sudden spike in cybersex and the liberation that comes with it

The way we react to assault allegations almost always comes at the expense of the victim

Internalized misogyny robbed me of my youth! #JusticeForAndrea

The internet’s ability to “bridge borders” as a global platform is often just the erasure of non-Western context; its universality actually just neocolonialism.

On the modernization of patriarchal power, and how the male gaze that women are subjected to today are enforced entirely by micropowers


Why do we create separate stan accounts, and why do we keep them hidden?

On the Instagram accounts that post screenshots of weird/funny/creepy texts, mostly from men

On neoliberal feminism and the sexism prevalent in the film social network Letterboxd

On the TikTok community is responsible for thousands of people around the world — including Filipinos — picking up a reading habit.

Can we ever resist parasocial relationships - or would we even want to?

On a disillusionment with personal branding, especially as a writer on the internet

current events (with a sociology/psychology slant)

How do we see supporters of the Duterte administration outside of our echochambers?

"Men will do anything but go to therapy," as the joke goes. Why?

The psychology behind the excessive exhaustion we feel from online classes

Investigating why we doomscroll and watch horror movies to cope

Speaking with the founders of Positive Workplaces on positive psychology and work cultures

film + pop culture

The Filipino internet sensation talks one-man musicals, reopening wounds for content, and the power of comedy

See you on the Netflix algorithm, space cowboy

Diving deep into the unique phenomenon of love teams and what it means in 2022

There’s now a sense of skepticism in how Filipinos now engage with young Fil-Am stars

The story of how the Philippine production coordinator of “Drive My Car” translated "Uncle Vanya" to Filipino

Investigating how Oscar entries get selected in the Philippines

On Xavier Dolan's "Mommy", mothers, their children, and their best friends

On "Fleabag" and evading trauma through repackaging it for an audience

A review of "Never Rarely Sometimes Always", young girlhood, female friendship, and reproductive justice

Movies that could pass as Black Mirror episodes to tide you over the show's hiatus

On dreaming of a teenhood that can only occur on the other side of the globe

This is definitely not an Otis Milburn hate-piece

On finding your way back to a reading habit

identity + life

Unlearning hustle culture and relearning to be okay with non-"big" dreams

On benevolent sexism, the emerging Indie Man archetype, why our lives have become so much worse once they came around

On Goffman, diary entries, Bo Burnham's "Eighth Grade", and performing your Self to yourself

On "Melodrama", crushes, and being 17, 18, 19...

On saying goodbye to friends (or trying to)

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i'll write for you! say hi at ♡

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office of sen. kiko pangilinan (copywriting + graphics)

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